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Process Optimization  


CNC technology is the appropriate manufacturing process from the viewpoint of low investment costs if smaller manufacturers want to be fit for the future with high flexibility and all the possibilities of a rational, high-quality, fast, inexpensive window production. Reasonably good suitable, affordable, stationary CNC machining centers and expensive CNC assembly line systems are available that can be automatically converted to a certain point.

 Both systems can utilize the full capabilities of tool splitting with freely positionable spindles. You can produce two or more profile systems (e.g. IV 78 and IV 90) with just one tool set immediately without conversion just by consistent separation of the overall profile in the inner and outer profile with sliding zone.

 A continuous adjustment of the profile thickness is possible in principle. It is possible to produce beveled glass alternately with a top beveled, profiled or a raised milled glass bar with just a few additional tools. It is possible to manufacture the glass strip in the machining center all ready mitered. One can select lock and dowel corner joint, lock, dowel, screw corner joints or in the future also the counter, screwed and corner joint for One-Off Part manufacturing.

 It can be seen very well from these examples that the possibilities are so varied on a CNC machining center that accurate effective planning in an optimized interaction with its ramifications is inscrutable.

 We at Siebert engineering have numerous possibilities for optimization of CNC machining centers. We know how to combine adapted, optimized processes, feed rates and pre-profiling with innovative CNC machining, flexibility of tool splitting and high capacity. You will be amazed how much we can get out of your CNC machining center performance and how we enable hidden reserves and the potential of your CNC machine profitably for you.

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